COLLECTION| Ekaterina Kukhareva SS14


Central Saint Martins graduate Ekaterina Kukhareva’s mystical exhibition opened up with a brooding male model dressed in dark clothing and slick-backed hair. It was an interesting concept- he pushed gravel slowly around the ‘garden’ while ethereal, glowing models floated out in a trance-like state.  Sparkly netted headpieces in glitter pinks, blues and creams and adorned with tiny flowers were the key accessory- along with delicate umbrellas and dainty fans.  
Not everything was dainty though- towering chunky wedges revealed themselves from the long flowing dresses and jumpsuits in soft sorbet colours.
Ekaterina’s signature is clearly in her fabrics, as they are all unique and original and have the following of a compilation of hand worked macramé, crochet, fringing and knotting mixed with machine knitted unique jacquards and florals add elaborate glamour to Ekaterina's collections and make the timeless pieces stand out.
Ekaterina's woman has eccentric and demanding look, she loves to show her femininity and her sensual style as the collection portrayed.

By Georgia Hathaway, Contributor. Follow me on Twitter: @GeorgiaHathaway
Photographs by Tram Nguyen @tramnguyenp

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