As her debut showcase, it was vital that Pinghe made an impression with her SS14 collection. With her many acclaimed accolades and history working with Camilla Staerk, Alexander McQueen and as head designer of Aftershock- it was never a doubt that this collection would astound.

Strong architectural inspiration, structured silhouettes and irresistible fitting created a collection that captivated all. The attention to peplums and protruding trousers created beautiful silhouettes that elevate and accentuate sophistication and elegance through the form of the female body.

Lazer-cut details and the use of organdie formed delicate dresses that were perfectly feminine. The combination of exquisite detail with leather trims and garments created the perfect juxtaposition of soft and hard.

This juxtaposition created the image of strong women who are confident within their feminity and demand authority. Black lips and badger-esque hair provided the idea that Penghe is a collection for powerful women.

A minimalistic monochrome colour palette and clean-cut lines created a highly contemporary collection- however this collection was far from ordinary and Pinghe has created an eponymous collection. 

Emily Black, Writing contributor, @emilyy_black
Photography by Jamike Baptise @JamikeLatif and Jean-Luc Brouard @JeanLucBrouard
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