EXHIBITION| Anton Belinskiy SS14 Kiev Fashion Days

Anton Belinskiy is a designer on a mission: to develop a meaningful fashion industry in Ukraine and devote himself to this difficult process. He studied Fashion Design at the Republican Art School in Kyiv where his author vision was transformed into a unique style idea. He understood precisely what he likes and what garments he will never produce. Throughout his career, Belinskiy has collaborated with world known companies such as New Balance and Mercedes-Benz and has even created special collections for them.
Now the 25-year-old is an experienced designer and has presented is collections on International Fashion Weeks (Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days) on the same catwalks with David Koma, Jean-Pierre Braganza and Marios Schwab.
His SS14 collection is a research in form, texture and colour. You can see Belinskiy experimenting with different forms- he combines different textures such as silk, leather, satin, linen and wool and transforms them into unique and diverse designs. The designs include a variety of pieces in an array of colours including azure blue, off white and copper.

The Fashion Scout Blog Team had a quick chat with Anton to discuss his collection and goals for the future…
Ukraine is a key factor in your collection- did you visit specific places to inspire you?
The collection is a blend of different regions across Ukraine- Southern, Central and Western. I travelled to places I never even thought of such as remote cities and villages just to be inspired by different objects, artwork and people. Ukraine has a very rich heritage and I wanted to transfer these local values and transfer them into fashion.

Did anything else inspire you?
Besides regions of Ukraine, I was inspired by the architecture or Kievan Ru, architect Pavel Alioshyn, artist Alexandra Exter and actress Lilia Bryk.

What can people expect when wearing pieces from your collection?
The person wearing my garments can expect to feel like an individual. The person can also expect comfort- I will never create clothes which are not comfortable. I want the person to stand out and make them feel like they are special.

Speaking of comfort, what are your favourite materials to use?
Ah, I love silk, cotton and wool as they are all classic and natural fabrics. The quality of my clothing is very important to me- my pieces need to be immaculate.

What is your goal for the future?
I have a few goals in mind but my main goal is to be reknown outside Ukraine and sold worldwide. That would be wonderful. I also want to continue to create innovative and inspiring designs.

 By Georgia Hathaway, Contributor. Follow me on Twitter: @GeorgiaHathaway.
 Photographs by Grace Sanchez @gracyphotograph