EXHIBITION| Lera Leshchara SS14 Kiev Fashion Days

Lera Leshchova is one of the most popular Ukrainian designers- her brand L L is one of the fastest growing brands on the Ukrainian market. Lera was born with a dream to become a couturier. From a young age, she began to hone her talent by drawing, painting and mastering the skills of dress-making. Leshchova took part at the many various competitions and exhibitions in her native country and abroad and has won numerous awards.

In 2010 Lera Leshchova opened her own independent studio, where she produces seasonal collections, a diffusion line, capsule collections other creative collections. Her first collection L L launched in 2012 at Mercedes- Benz Ukranian Kiev Fashion Days.
Leschova’s designs are pure, timeless and clean. She uses supreme quality materials, unexpected textures, and meticulous attention to detail. The Leschova woman is stylish, open-minded and independent. She knows what she likes and doesn’t conform to fleeting trends. Leschova’s SS14 collection reflects this ideal- the pieces are classic and smart with plenty of impact. Elegantly lengthy gowns and pretty dresses, decadent satins, hints of feminine fuchsia and sparkling folds of sparkling lurex provide a visual feast for the eyes. Large metal necklaces add interest and detail to the pieces.

Lera was more than happy to answer a couple of questions from the Fashion Scout Blog Team about her collection and her love of London…

What does your collection mean to you?
To me, my collection is the future of fashion. I believe in every piece and think it’s some of my best work yet. I’m proud of it all.

Are you excited to be showcasing your designs with Fashion Scout?
It’s a privilege to be associated with Fashion Scout.  I’m so happy to be here! As for London, I absolutely love everything about it- the people, the class, the culture, the architecture and of course, the fashion industry. It’s a big deal for me to showcase my work in such an influential city.

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By Georgia Hathaway, Contributor. Follow me on Twitter: @GeorgiaHathaway
Photographs by Tram Nguyen, @TramNguyen