EXHIBITION| RCR Khomenko SS14 Kiev Fashion Days

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Nicknamed ‘The Patchwork Designer,’ RCR Khomenko takes an ecological approach to the production of her collections. Her SS14 collection entitled ‘Playful Me’ takes the concept of looking through a child’s eyes and translates it through pieces created from recycled fabrics in bold whimsical prints.

The collection instantly draws the eye, together it is a cornucopia of youthful motifs and not a single piece would look out of place if it were wallpapered in a child’s room. The simple, tailored structure of the clothes works perfectly to make the bright, cheerful designs stand out even more.

A self-ironic, imaginative collection, RCR Khomenko is sure to go far. We caught up the designer 

What inspired your collection?
This collection is about ‘playful me’ I have a niece who is three years old and I said to her ’you are a little baby’ and she said to me ’no, it is you who is a baby’ and it inspired me.  I just took my head and tried to play with the idea. I put myself as a three year old and took this fabric and put it in one playful scene.  
I think we need more games in our lives, we take everything and ourselves too seriously. To be happier and to have more fun in life we should play with ourselves and everything that surrounds us and I wanted to reflect this in our new collection

Where do you source your fabric?
I’ve sourced my fabric over many years, some are tablecloths and some are bits friends have given me. I like to mix the origins and cultures of my fabrics in different pieces, lots are from travelling in Berlin and Kiev and Italy.
My pieces are mixed like a salad. It is said that a woman should be able to make three things perfectly; scandal, salad and a hat. This is ‘scandal salad.’

What woman would you like to see wearing your collection?
A woman who can be playful in any situation, who knows that in any situation it’s not real, that you can be whoever you want to be whenever and change it. 

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By Elizabeth Renfrey, blog contributor, @erenfrey,
Photography by Tracy Asslanian @TracyAsslanian and Jamike Latif @JamikeLatif