EXHIBITION| Yasya Minochkina SS14 Kiev Fashion Days

A combination of femininity and sport-luxe is the essence behind the brand Yasya by Yasya Minochkina. The Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days designer was back once more at Fashion Scout to showcase her SS14 collection.

The collection was a labor of love for the Ukranian born Central Saint Martins graduate. The garments, although high end and silk lined could easily been donned on the tennis court. Hand manufactured distressed silks and imported poly-silk mix futuristic fabric imported from Japan lend beautifully to the subtle cutting details. Minimal silhouettes and a capsule palette make for a clean collection that could easily be integrated into any modern woman's wardrobe.

Talk me through your collection:
My inspiration comes from the 90s; it is the decade where I started my life. It was really interesting to do this collection because you know, going from sport to female, it is a mix. A lot of interesting cutting, a lot of white colour as well as pastel. This is a sexy lady; she can go anywhere. Sports; tennis, football. My collection is very feminine, I feel fashion and I do everything myself. My main idea was sports and femininity. My colour palette will be a bit more extensive in my fashion show in Kiev.

Where do you see your brand progressing in the next couple of years?
I want to sell my clothes everywhere. I am already selling my clothes in China, in France, in England, in Moscow and in Kiev, also in the Ukraine but i'm planning to sell my clothes everywhere and I want to open my own shops and sell online. I want to be happy!

What does this experience with Fashion Scout mean to you?
It is very cool to be here. I am really proud of our country because we are still young and Fashion Scout found us. I was here first last season and was really excited because for me it was a surprise. They chose my brand to be here and after my fashion show at Fashion Scout there was a lot of press, a lot of buyers, people wrote about me. Hilary Alexander came into my fashion show and she said 'wow it's a cool jacket, great coat, I love your dress' it was really cool because this is a person who writes about fashion, doing everything in fashion. When they say it is cool, it is cool. It's really nice to be here because it's very important for me to get a new experience, to get some new buyers, to get a lot of press. London is cool.

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Madeleine Ayers, contributor. Follow her on Twitter: @MadeleineAyers
Photographs by Benjamin Turgel, @BenjaminTurgel