FRONT ROW| Pam Hogg SS14

Closing day four of fashion scout we saw another iconic show from punk pioneer, Pam Hogg - the finale we had all been waiting for. In true Pam Hogg style, the show was running late and the guestlist was swarming with influential song-writers, artists, illustrators, musicians, models, bloggers, punks and cross-dressers all desperate to be part of another dark and dramatic Pam Hogg performance. The a-list crowd didn’t stop with the spectators. Mary Charteris Annabelle Neilson and Tuuli Shipster all made an appearance on the catwalk.

Whilst playing the waiting game we caught up with Ellen Von Unwerth, Kate Nash, Nick Rhodes, Rebekah Roy, a very excited Gemma Cairney; and cult Hogg follower Siouxsie Sioux, who were all in on the front row action.

Kate Nash was particularly excited about the show and Fashion Scout as a platform: 
Yeah! I just love the way that her shows always different, the music’s always really great, I always spy something that I want to wear on stage. Its just good old fashioned rock and roll, like kind of , I just think its different to every other show you know, like the models are cool and walk in cool ways, you know, it will be fun… I cant wait because towards the end the pieces get crazier and crazier. I come to Fashion Scout every seasons because I just like to support like new artists and designers and its also like really interesting space, really atmospheric.

Ellen Von Unwerth told us how her favourite part of the Pam Hogg show is the ‘people watching’… “Pam Hogg always pulls in the best crowd. She is the one person I don’t mind being late, there’s plenty to watch in the crowd. I’ve been coming to her shows for years. She still manages to stay so hot and current and everyone just loves it!”.

Also a loyal follower of Pam’s movements, we spoke to Nick Rhodes… I’ve been seeing Pam’s shows for years and they’re just extraordinary. They have the most remarkable energy and she puts on such a unique show.  I love Fashion Scout too. I’m all for the help, it helps people that are out of the system and are unknown; and they are always the most creative. Just like Pam”.
Friend and fellow punk pioneer Siouxsie Sioux told us how she hasn’t been able to see any of Pam’s shows for a while…”I’m looking forward to the first one in a few years, but you know, I see Pam consistently whenever I come to London. I think what she does is great and exciting”.

Overwhelmed to be at a Pam Hogg show, we spoke to Gemma Cairney… “Pam Hogg is such an iconic designer, a real distinctive brilliantly creative mind. Today I feel like I am in a fashion show in the 80’s! These people are great. This is why I love fashion week!”

Rebekah Roy was also singing Pam’s praises… “I love Pam! Did you know that when you actually wear Pam’s clothes they cut amazingly? They lift your ass so well. Pam’s just an icon isn’t she? I love what she does, I mean, I dressed Kate (Nash) in her work for a shoot. Basically, I just love it a lot”.

Speaking of Kate Nash, once the rapturous applause had ceased we managed to ask Kate what she thought… “It was absolutely amazing. I mean, it’s just always so much fun – the end of the show is always so exciting, it’s always something you just don’t expect. The lights went down and I thought ‘Oh, no’ and then something spectacular happened. I love the way she praises diversity and fun and it is a real show. A performance, and that’s the way it should be!’.

It’s safe to say Pam’s show was as outrageously impressive as ever.

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Written by Brooke McCord, Fashion Scout Contributor. Follow me on Twitter @BrookeMcCord
Photography by Jamike Latif, @JamikeLatif and Benjamin Turgel, @BenjaminTurgel.