The highly acclaimed highly sartorial collection titled 'Sailing to the Moon, straight from the recent Graduate Fashion Week runway, and lovechild of Tawianese designer Angus Chiang, was chosen to showcase at Fashion Scout's Graduate Showcase this season, and for good reason. The menswear capsule collection was inspired by celebratory culture, temples, flags and costume from his home country, twinned with a boyhood passion for space travel, hence the psychedelic spaceman suit. It is fun, experimental and a crystallised aesthetic that can be watered down to work with a day to day wardrobe in future.

The exaggerated creations almost look like a lesson in topiary, making you wish NASA would commission this bright young designer to creatively direct the next inter-planetary uniform, just to see the line up sit in its natural environment. An embroidered leather biker look that could have been pulled from the wardrobe of an oriental Terminator complemented the otherworldly garments as Chiang stood by proudly.

We caught up with the award winner who was in the Fashion Scout Vestibule along with his friend and translator to talk about his experience.

You won the International Award at Graduate Fashion Week 2013, how do you define your aesthetic and who do you see wearing your collection?
It's creative ready-to-wear, i'd like people with a sense of humour to wear my clothes.

You studied at your BA in Fashion Design at Shih-Chien University in Taiwan. Describe the initial inspiration.
My inspiration is from daily life in Taiwan. I have combined the Taiwanese culture with spacemen, two things. I like to combine two things to make something new.

What has this experience with Fashion Scout meant to you?
I think it's a good opportunity to show my collection to the industry in London.

What do you plan to do next?
I want to start my own brand in London but right now I have to go and do my military service.

Madeleine Ayers, contributor. Follow her on Twitter: @MadeleineAyers

Madeleine Ayers, contributor. Follow her on Twitter: @MadeleineAyersImages by Tram Nguyen (@TramNguyenp)