Maiko Takeda’s graduate collection made quite the impression with his standout pieces. The Royal College of Arts graduate provides a breath of fresh air with his architectural head and body pieces.

The innovative creations blur the boundaries of surrounding space for the wearer and appear out of this world. Robert Wilson’s 1979 production of Philip Glass’ opera “Einstein on the Beach” inspired the aesthetic for these futuristic and contemporary designs.

These pieces have made an impact in the world of millinery- pieces are able to transmute in various lights and conditions due to the unconventional materials. Clear acrylic discs, colour-gradient tinted film and silver jump rings disorientate and create the image of feathers with a luminescent haze.

Bjork, who sported Maiko’s creations on her Biophilia tour, is the perfect person to model the brightly-coloured accessories. They are idiosyncratic and eccentric just like the singer. 

By Emily Black, @emilyy_black
Photographs by Grace Sanchez, @gracyphotograph