Throughout the course of the day, Fashion Scout have caught up with each designer showcasing their work in the Vestibule Space for the Graduate Showcase; and having heard so much about Central Saint Martins Graduate, Sadie Williams in the press, we were eager to speak to her first hand.

Her collection of rigid floor length dresses portray a hybrid of metallic texture and Britannic colours, residing in perfect equilibrium – her complex fabric construction remains the true beauty of her work. Perceived by some as Russian Dolls, others ‘Quality Street dresses’ and coined ‘Disco Darleks’ by LOVE Magazine’s Alex Fury, admittedly none of these match her actual inspiration, but the interpretations are clearly as vast as the myriad of sparkles seen as her structures walk rigidly down the catwalk.

After admiring the beauty of Sadie’s unique regal structures, we interviewed Sadie herself to gain an understanding of her work. Here’s what she had to tell us:

Aside from all the interpretations surrounding your work, what were the inspirations behind this collection?
Despite all the interpretations I was actually inspired by Japanese biker gangs and old fashioned motor bike attire, in particular photographs of Masuyuki Yoshinaga. I also really wanted to work with these sparkly fabrics as I found them really inspiring. So they are really the main inspirations. As for shape, because there is so much going on with the textiles, I wanted to have a really clean shape to show them off.

I’ve heard that your innovative fabric development is far more complex than it initially looks, could you talk me through it?
Well since I did the textiles pathway of my course, I really worked with fabrics and I came up with my own embossing technique. So, it involved bonding layers of fabric together and cutting neoprene inserts; and then carefully arranging them so that they fit the pattern conformity. I also worked with sublimation and print design.

How do you feel about all the press attention, being one of Susie Bubble’s show highlights and your designs being coined ‘Disco Darleks’ by LOVE Magazine?
Yeah, it’s been really amazing to get good press. I mean when your on your MA, your never sure how your collection is going to be received, you don’t want people to be like ‘WHAT?’. But I am really happy that people enjoy it, as it was important for me to make something that people do enjoy, something quite spectacular. It’s not necessarily the most practical stuff, but it would be nice to make things in smaller versions which are more wearable. Susie actually wore one of my designs yesterday, which was great. I do really like that people have so many interpretations though – ‘Quality Street’ to ‘Space Angels’ – it’s great.

You have also been selected as one of Selfridges ‘Bright Young Things’ this season, how does it feel to be part of this years project?
Yes that has been amazing. It’s been a lot of hard work and one huge learning curve, but it’s been a huge privilege; and now that its all finished and up in the windows I can really enjoy it. We also had great mentors, I would take them designs and they would give me their opinion as they have so much experience with what sells, so it was good to have that insight and to see behind the scenes.

I know you have already had requests for pieces, could you tell us anything about your future plans?
Well Bright young Things goes on for another month and I will see what happens now. I potentially might be doing a small range for a high end high street brand. But I really want to do some freelance work for designers and get more experience rather than just go out on my own.

Lastly, how do you feel about the platform Fashion Scout provides?
It’s really good, it’s given me a great base. I mean, I work from home and I can’t invite industry professionals to my bedroom, so this is a really great platform for me!

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Written by Brooke McCord, Fashion Scout Contributor. Follow me on Twitter @BrookeMcCord
Photography by Jamike Latif, @JamikeLatif