Refined RCA Knitwear graduate Xiao Li has spent the last five years of further education experimenting with and developing her creative style. Trial and error utilising the specialised equipment available to students at the Royal College has meant that Li has been able to create a uniquely modern interpretation of knitwear using silicone. Heavily structured pastel pieces almost look dip dyed; boxy oversize silhouettes are complemented by statement accessories and chain cable knit details, varying in size flow downwards. Li was the winner of the Feel The Yarn competition at Pitti Filati in 2012 and has been going from strength to strength ever since.

You have gone from tin toys in your BA graduate collection at the London College of Fashion all the way through to silicone knitwear in your MA collection at the Royal College of Art. How do you see your progression over the years you have spent in education? How do you feel you have developed and where would you like to take your aesthetic in the future?
I'm happy I did a Masters at the RCA because this is what I want to do, it is in my plan. I want to develop a more mature way, a more modern way rather than [at] LCF I did a lot more hand embroidering...But I mean my plan to do the Masters is I want my collection more innovative, more modern.

How has your experience exhibiting with Fashion Scout's Graduate Showcase been for you so far?
It is great and the staff are really helpful. They promote us, promote our collection.

How do you plan to bring your designs to the mass market? What do you plan to do next?
My plan next is, I want to start my own label. Maybe next season or later but to start my own brand was always in the plan.

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Madeleine Ayers, contributor. Follow her on Twitter: @MadeleineAyers
Photography by Tracy Asslanian @TracyAsslanian