INTERVIEW| Gitte Jonsdatter from Muuse

MUUSE and Fashion Scout team up for the first time awarding a Special Prize to Ones To Watch designer Hannah Williams. The prize will include full support and development as well as sponsorship along with promotion and distribution and the opportunity to showcase a new collection with Fashion Scout. We spoke to Gitte Jonsdatter from Muuse about the new collaboration and on choosing Hannah Williams as their winner.

What were the thoughts behind teaming up with Fashion Scout and One’s To Watch this season?
Fashion Scout is a fantastic collaboration for us because we provide production, support, and introduction of commercially viable collections and Fashion Scout provides all the things that we don’t provide so I think it’s an ideal setting for us.

What did you see in Hannah Williams’ collection that stood her out as a clear winner?
Hannah is one of the most original visions we’ve seen this year, incredible creativity her use of materials and shape. It’s simple yet it’s detailed, kind of is reminiscent of early Margiela but completely her own thing.

Muuse seems to be a supporter of young talent, what is it about young designers and graduate collections that you love?
Some of the talent when they’re first coming out of school their vision is the most pure, creative and original. It’s before they’ve kind of been out and I guess tried to interface with the industry and with the compromises that that brings. We really try to capture people when they’ve still have that original vision that hasn’t been sold yet.

What have you seen so far here at Fashion Scout that you’re loving?
It’s been a pretty exciting few days here and a number of catwalk shows have been really interesting, Kiev Days was super fascinating to the see the difference in cultural background and what that brings, complete surprise in shapes and in choice of print and pattern, that was great. 

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By Vanessa Omoregie, @wewearblack
Photography by Benjamin Turgel, @BenjaminTurgel