INTERVIEW| Merit Award Winner SS14: Yulia Kondranina

The Fashion Scout blog team caught up with SS14 Merit Award winner Yulia Kondranina after her show. 

How do you feel after your show?
I don’t know, it’s really exciting and feels like it’s happened really quickly. I’ve been ready for quite a while and it’s just all come round so quickly. 

What was your inspiration for this collection?
More traditional cuts and laces. Just practicing techniques and working on new embroidery skills to try and recreate the detailing of different materials. 

How did you construct your clothes?

Just experimenting with techniques and details, the technique itself dictating what shape you’re supposed to do. Lots of matching squares, most of it cotton and chiffon

What has changed since being announced as the Merit Award winner for SS14?
I think it’s challenged me more, you feel like there’s an even bigger responsibility to deliver a good collection. You still do what you want, what you like to do but you feel a lot more pressure. 

What are your plans for the future following the springboard that the Merit Award provides?
Keep working, keep getting better season on season.

Interview by Elizabeth Renfrey, Fashion Scout Contributor, @erenfrey
Photos by Jamike Latif, @JamikeLatif