INTERVIEW| Zeynep Tosun SS14

The Fashion Scout blog team caught up Zeynep Tosun as she prepared to showcase her third collection with Fashion Scout.

How are you feeling currently?
I’m excited, this is my third time now and my team is great. I’ve got a great DJ supporting my show, an amazing London based stylist called Tamara Cincik, and a collection of gorgeous models. I’m feeling more professional this time, I’m feeling really comfortable.

What was your inspiration for this collection?
This collection is like twenties meeting sports chic. There’s a Turkish embroidery style. It’s all very clean for the summer, you can wear it all day and all night- it’s comfortable. It’s also strong.

Quite a lot of your collections seem to be strong and empowering, is your aim for this season to help women feel empowered again?
Yes, kind of, there is a way that it empowers, but it is more naïve this time. There are flat shoes, comfortable clothing- it is empowering for women and it is masculine but in a pretty and naïve way.

Were there any elements you wanted to use but it didn’t work?
There are always ideas you come up with but can’t use, we select lots and have to choose between them all. This time I’m not using prints, which is new for me. I didn’t need them this time. Things are different this time. 

by Emily Black, @emilyy_black
Photo by Grace Sanchez
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