SPONSOR| Interview with Nude Audio CEO Tom Dudderidge

While Nude Audio were busy keeping guests entertained in in the Exhibition Space the Fashion Scout Blog Team caught up with CEO Tom Dudderidge to discuss the brand. 

Can you tell me more about Nude Audio?
Nude Audio is a totally new brand, our mission is to bring premium quality speakers to everybody. We want to bring fashion and colour to consumer electronics at affordable prices. The way our speakers are put together makes them really easy to customise. It can be painted, printed on and the look can change completely just by changing the outer sleeve. We’re actually looking for people to approach us with wacky ideas for designs for our products.

What’s the best song request you've had in the Exhibition Space so far?
I don’t think I can answer that, we've had some awful requests though including a request for Britney Spears. We've played lots of Daft Punk though and that’s good. 

Are you enjoying working alongside Fashion Scout this season? 
It’s a great team, it’s fun to work in a completely different environment. Our brand is conceived as a fashion brand within electronic products so it’s really cool to be introduced to the fashion world by Fashion Scout. 

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By Elizabeth Renfrey, Blog Contributor, @erenfrey
Photography by Bethan Fielding, @BethanHannah