INTERVIEW| Selection Panel AW14 and Founding Member of YBD Debra Hepburn

This season, we are thrilled to be joined by Founding Member of Young British Designers, Debra Hepburn, on the Fashion Scout Selection Panel. Launched in 2010, Young British Designers (YBD) is an innovative online retail platform that hand-picks emerging British fashion design talent and has worked closely with Fashion Scout and our designers for many seasons. In fact, "our very first season saw us find Eudon Choi, Charlotte Taylor and Felicity Brown", Debra Hepburn - one of four founding partners of YBD -  explains. Before Debra joined us at the Selection Panel today, we asked her a few quick fire questions to find out what will make designers stand out for her. 

The Ones to Watch initiative and Merit Award are acclaimed within the industry for scouting exciting new talent- what criteria must those designers meet for you personally?
To look like a real force in the making, however raw, and to hold together as a collection that is true to a uniquely held design point of view. To know that this season or next we can showcase them on Young British Designers and set the world alight further with even more of our brilliant Brit talent.

What are three qualities do you look for in a future Fashion Scout designer?
Standout, the tangible embryo (at least) of a design signature and an intangible thrill.

Any words of wisdom for Fashion Scout Designers who are picked today to showcase at FS AW14?
Take a big deep breath, concentrate hard, believe in yourself and your vision, don’t be swayed and emerge triumphant the other side!

Written and interviewed by Editor Cass Gowing @CassGowing