BACKSTAGE| Merit Award Winner Xiao Li AW14

With this year's Merit Award Winner Xiao Li having one of the most highly anticipated shows at Fashion Scout this season, it’s hardly surprising that there was an air of excitement backstage as we took a sneak peek at the hair and make up being created for the show.

Inspired by the majestic beauty of the icebergs in Iceland, Tony & Guy are creating multi-tonal soft pink hair using powder spray and dry shampoo. Once sprayed, the model's hair is left in at its natural shape to reflect the dissimilarity of each individual ice form.

Emulating the ice inspired hair, a pastel hued makeup look is being generated by The Body Shop with a groomed, chalky finish. Neon colours with a powder finish are being used on the lips, with Colour Crush lipstick in 205 and an overlay of eye shadow in Berry Cheeky creating a gradient of powdery pinks.

In order to keep the model's skin looking fresh, The Body Shop is using a newly developed product, Instablur to create a natural base. The silicon base works to create a dewy finish that will ensure the models are camera ready for the catwalk. Instablur is launching in May and is sure to be one of The Body Shop's new power products.

By Elizabeth Renfrey, Fashion Scout Contributor, (@erenfrey)
Images by Oliver Savage (@OliSav), taken on the fashion forward LumixGM1 (@PanasonicUK)