BACKSTAGE| Yifang Wan AW14

Backstage at Yifang Wan the Toni & Guy teams were channeling 70s punk. “We’re going for a structured, off the face look,” explains head hair stylist Richard Mannah. “It’s a mohawk-effect with the volume focused at the top, working back into a long pony tail”. To achieve the volume, stylists used dry-in mousse then backcombed the roots of the hairline. A sleek layer of hair then covered the ponytail hidden at the back for a straight and clean finish. “It’s definitely a look that the everyday girl can achieve”, assures Mannah, “texturising products are easy to work with”.

Make up artists were working hard with The Body Shop products to achieve a flawless, dewy base. Skin was youthful and gently contoured with emphasis given to the highlighted, shimmery cheeks. “We’re only using a slight wash of blue over the eyes” says Clare De-Graft, director of make-up. “We’re using a dark flush of blue to bring drama to the eyes whilst the base is kept clean and fresh. Eyes are contoured with soft white and eyebrows are kept minimalistic, only brushed through with foundation”.

By Lydia Smyth (@xoxoLydia)
Images by Lepa Georgievska (@GeorgievskaLepa), taken on the fashion forward LumixGM1. (@PanasonicUK)