COLLECTION| Ashley Isham AW14

Ashley Isham is a designer that hasn’t failed to make an impression in previous seasons. Renowned for precise geometric tailoring, decadent fabrics and, of course, the signature crepe jersey, Isham is a designer that has become recognisable within the industry.

Singapore’s extravagant designer continuously brings forward a show that screams femininity and glamour. Last season was inspired by the 1967 French Drama Belle du Jour; directly translated as ‘beauty of the day’, and this AW14 we’ve been given a collection that is just as exquisite.

There was however a more contemporary twist with this season’s show. The dresses fully depicted extravagance and beauty. Although combined with lace and embroidered visors, celebrating Equastrian year of the Horse, the looks became more quirky and interesting. Other features synonymous to equestrian were tailored capes and strong shoulders.

Ashley quoted “Are flowers the winter’s choice? Is love’s bed always snow?” by John Clare as the lead concept for this season. Romanticism is pivotal to Isham’s aesthetic and this was brought forward through fluid trains, delicate embroidery, playful floral prints and fishtail skirts. Finer detailing was key whilst the palette was created by a penchant for more vibrant autumnal hues. The Runaway Bride touch at the end as Ashley ran down the catwalk with his bride was the cherry on top to depict his English countryside theme.

High-octane alluring glamour juxtaposed with contemporary chic created a stellar show that follows suit in Ashley’s beautiful track record.

By Emily Black, (@emilyy_black)
Images by Hannah McGee (@HannahMcG3e)