COLLECTION| Little Shilpa AW14

Little Shilpa showcased with Fashion Scout for the first time last season, and she made sure she wouldn’t be forgotten. The literally little designer presented us with ‘Grey Matters’; an amalgamation of gorgeous colours and futuristic acrylics inspired by Indian Saris. Shilpa Chavan presented the tough decision of whether to go traditional or with the times - a grey matter.

Last season’s collection was great, this season's was taken up countless notches. ‘Vesper Bloom’ was an incredibly haunting presentation that had every viewer amazed. Eerily distorted music filled the room as shadow-like models dispersed from behind the wall. Head to toe in black, the models crept forward holding a single torch light to their face casting a tormenting image as they edged closer.

Feathers, beading, sequins and lace created gothic detailing that added a beauty and almost romanticism to the deathly tone. Vespertine shadows, in the form of models, fully personified Little Shilpa's strong imagery as projections of zombies, cannibals, vampires and monsters took shape on the walls.

The presentation was continuously enticing; as the nightwalkers loomed from pose to pose even more of the Mumbai-born designers meticulous detailing became evident. Shilpa’s work has been taken to another level- her use of sparkling cylinders, feather metal mes, and rosary beads could not go amiss as she has clearly been working extremely hard.

Whereas Little Shilpa had already made a name for her talent in creating astounding headpieces and accessories - she has now proven that she can create something much more than that. Her presentation today had the crowd fighting to get to the front, daring to get close to her midnight creatures.

Little Shilpa’s ability to generate unique concepts that do not transcend time is amazing and she has shown everyone at Freemasons’ Hall a macabre magnificence that has left us all speechless.   

By Emily Black
Images by Oliver Savage (@OliSav)