Liz Blacks’ Fashion Scout presentation was a captivating tribute to a surrealist art icon. On entering the presentation, guests are greeted by an array of familiar objects. A Dali inspired red lips sofa is sat in the centre of the space, with a vintage telephone and an egg sculpture placed on plinths on either side of it. Behind the sofa stands a larger than life photograph of Dali, set out in three columns giving an almost 3-Dimensional effect to the image which in its front column sports a giant sized Dali moustache. Two giant eggs are situated in the back corners of the presentation space, complete with faint cracks down their centres. Prior to the start of the show guests are invited to interact with the area, they are given the opportunity to sit on the sofa and pose for photographs with an array of hand held Dali inspired props.

As the show begins, we see two models rip through the centre of the giant eggs, they emerge in Dali inspired outfits, the first in a nude, mesh layered design, paying homage to Dali’s Lobster telephone. The second model is dressed in a camel, leather dress, complete with a 3-Dimensional black leather moustache. It becomes clear at this point that this a performance rather than a show, the models eerily move across the space, in jolty movements, they interact with all of the elements in the presentation creating a mood of tension and anticipation. More models emerge through the cracks of the eggs, all draped in Dali. We are treated to telephone and lips inspired looks as well as a black leather ensemble. Models, complete with bug printed faces, wear diamante eyes and lips on their hands and interact with this feature, covering each others eyes and mouths with their hands.

Throughout the presentation a spectral mood is achieved through the models movements and styling, its a all encompassing experience, with a fun interactive element that was hugely successful in its execution.

By Charlotte Muscat, (@CharlotteLM9)
Images by Lepa Georgievska (@Georgievskalepa), taken on the fashion forward LumixGM1 (@PanasonicUK).