Mimi Fasi’s eclectic capsule of designs translates Mediterranean poetry into garments. “I’m very much inspired by the North African way of life”, muses Fasi. “The way they celebrate their weddings and build their houses with so much colour, particularly the tiled mosques”.

Fasi’s cultural origins imbued the collection through a palpable fascination with North African architecture. Geometric print in an exotic palette of fuchsia, turquoise and orange brought the vivacity of a Mediterranean coastal town to life.

Two piece suits and fitted silhouettes were characteristic of the traditional 50s cut. A clear vintage aesthetic was made avant-garde through opulent embroidery on printed silks and crepe satin. Sheer kaftans were worn over shift dresses striking the median between east and west. A collection of modern yet neo-classical designs, Fasi encompassed playfulness and curiosity with craftsmanship in a distinctive and original showcase.

By Lydia Smyth (@LydiaRoseSmyth)
Images by Lepa Georgievska (@GeorgievskaLepa)