COLLECTION | Napsugar AW14

As French ‘chansons’ played softly, doe-eyed models in tousled beehives strutted out into Napsugar’s retro universe. A colour palette of cobalt blue, dark turquoise and golds made for a vivacious visual display. Citing the seven cardinal sins as inspiration behind the collection, a critique of modern society was in play.  In homage to the Pop Art movement, ‘POP’ and ‘WHAM’ signs were accompanied by a 3D popcorn bucket and half eaten lollipop, clearly signifying consumerism and greed.

Napsugar’s signature lazer-cut leather garments were the focal point of the collection. Oversized leather jackets with jagged edges and futuristic turtlenecks made a firm statement. Evocative of cubist architecture, collars, contoured lines and diagonal cuts were recurrent details in the designs.  Floor length, backless leather gowns captured the essence of femininity in body close silhouettes expressing female power. Androgynous fittings were mutually a dominant fixture, cigar trousers and navy shorts were worn with knee high socks reminiscent of school-boy wear.

The interactive nature opportuned creative freedom. Perhaps a reference to a social media dominated culture, models were frequently halted by a ringing plastic telephone and rendered oddly static given the freedom for movement.  Airplane seats were a centrepiece which lent a neither here nor there atmosphere to the presentation and communicated the ever-changing nature of the fashion world.

By Lydia Smyth, contributor (@LydiaRoseSmyth)
Images by Oscar Scar (@Oscarscar502), taken on the fashion forward LumixGM1, (@PanasonicUK)