We caught up with Apu Jan backstage after another brilliant collection, the designer takes us through his design evolution since his debut at Fashion Scout London.

Are you excited to be back at Fashion Scout again this season?
Yes, very excited!

What does it mean to you as a designer to be part of fashion scout?
I think it’s very good for the new designers because Fashion Scout sponsors me, it lets me concentrate on my design more because we always worry about how to organise a show. And Fashion Scout teaches us a lot.

Are you happy with how the show went?
Yes! Backstage was so rushed! This time we prepared more outfits and more changes so I know how the show went, I just concentrated on changing the clothes!

Do you have a favourite piece?
I don’t know? I spent a lot of time on every one, so I enjoy every one. It’s like a child. No parent can say which child is better, so I like them all!

Can you tell me a little bit about the techniques you used to create the collection?
This time, all of the fabric, I’ve developed myself. This time I collaborated with print designer Ying Wu and developed all the fabric- knitting, weaving, digital print ourselves, so it’s 100 per cent unique.

How do you think your aesthetic has evolved since last season?
Last times was spring/summer collection, and I’m a knitwear designer so in spring summer, I always want to make it a bit lighter and more colourful, but it’s autumn/winter so I get to go back to knitwear so I’m so happy to have more chunky big knits!

By Lia Stokes, contributor. (@LiaStokes)

Illustration by, Billie Williams (@blue_billie)

Photography by, Oli Savage (@OliSav) taken on the fashion forward LumixGM1 (@PanasonicUK)