INTERVIEW| Bernard Chandran AW14

Ahead of his AW14 showcase later today at Fashion Scout Bernard Chandran talks to us about his new collection as well as the inspiration behind his aesthetic vision.

What do you have in-store for us tonight?
A surprise! Within thirty seconds you see the illusion of a three piece suit which is actually an all in one suit. I’m very inspired by menswear tailoring. It’s all about the one look – the woman could be running the country, being a housewife… The garment speaks for itself.

So menswear is your main inspiration?
Yes but it’s not androgynous -  I translate it into womenswear. It’s powerful, confident, the woman of this collection is definitely not insecure, she has an inner confidence and is very powerful.

How do you want to make women feel in your clothes?
I want to elevate her spirit, for her to enjoy fashion and to be whoever she is, whether a housewife, mother, or business woman… Whatever she does she always knows herself.

You’re known as the “Prince of Fashion” back in Malaysia. How do you feel that your cultural background influences your work?
Malaysia is my root but I am also Indian and Chinese so my two cultures are always injected in my work. I take traditional prints, such as handwoven brocade, and mix with leathers and other fabrics to make them more trendy. Culture always inspires my clothes – they’re traditional but in touch with the world.

How would you describe the woman behind your collection?
My wife is my muse – she understands art, music, culture. She doesn’t compare herself to other woman and isn’t insecure, she doesn’t care. She knows that she’s damn good. 

What do you think about Fashion Scout?
It’s great. It improves every year and its amazing that it provides a platform for new designers.

By Lydia Smyth. Follow me on Twitter: @LydiaRoseSmythPhotography by Ollie Savge. (@Olisav) taken on the fashion forward LumixGM1 (@PanasonicUK)