Liz Black has returned for another season with Fashion Scout. Appearing on the catwalk in London, Paris, Istnabul and Warsaw- she’s gained quite the following, which was verified today in the packed out Prince Regent Room. Fashion Scout spoke to the Central Saint Martins graduate to see how she’s doing and to get the information on her latest, and arguably best collection.

How are you feeling about your AW14 presentation today?

I am so excited! I do not feel nervous at all, to be honest I haven’t been nervous since my very first season.

What was your inspiration for this collection?

It is completely based on the work and life of Salvador Dali. I spent some time in Paris last year and there was a Salvador Dali exhibition at the Pompei centre. I was in heaven. I loved it and since then I have been developing the collection.

We can see you’ve chosen a selected few of Salvadors most iconic pieces, what was the selection process?

I wanted to choose the most iconic ones. Salvador Dali was an iconic character and I wanted this collection to be full of iconic characters through work and life. One if his most famous pieces is the lobster phone, so we have a lobster dress. It’s the same with the lips, we have a lips sofa and dress and a moustache dress.

And you’ve got the ants on the face too! They’re great.

Yes they’re amazing aren’t they? They have come from collaboration with Face Lace; they designed the ant stickers especially for the show. The head designer is Phyllis Cohen.

How do you feel you’ve progressed since last season?

I always work with narratives but last season I just focused on work, this time I have focused on the life and work of Salvador Dali. I have tried to encompass his whole life into this presentation and allow everyone to meet Salvador Dali, I think he would be very happy with it.

So do we! Liz Black brought to us a truly interesting and astounding presentation that fully renders Dali’s work and character.

By Emily Black, (@emilyy_black)
Images by Lepa Georgievskalepa (@georgievskalepa), taken on the fashion forward LumixGM1, (@PanasonicUK)