INTERVIEW| Napsugar AW14

After a stunning showcase of her AW14 collection that featured bright colours and references to pop art, we caught up with the excited designer who talks about her design influences and the messages behind her work.

What were the main inspirations behind your AW14 Collection?

There were all sorts of things influencing me in my subconscious. The Pop Art movement, French chansons, even Formula 1 driving. The seven deadly sins also inspired my collection and became 23 sins, including prodigality, negligence, and lust for power.

Would you say that your collection was a critique of modern society?

Yes, definitely a critique.

What exactly are you critiquing?

To answer that I would be here all day. I can answer that in Hungarian but not in English. It’s up to your imagination!

Do you feel that a presentation gives you more creative freedom than a catwalk?

Definitely. I love the interaction. There's an opportunity to create scenery and make seeing the collection more of an experience. The airplane seats were a reference to my life as a designer. You are constantly running somewhere but at the same time sitting down whilst travelling. I wanted to give the girls the freedom to move and enjoy themselves.

What do you think of Fashion Scout as a platform for emerging designers?

I love it. It’s my first time here and I’ve felt very welcome, it’s been well organised. I would definitely love to come back next year. I love London. Everyone is happy and has a sense of humour. In Paris, everyone hates you..

By Lydia Smyth, Contributor (@LydiaRoseSmyth
Photography by Jamike Latif (@JamikeLatif) taken on the fashion forward LumixGM1 (@PanasonicUK)