NEWS| Hair Trend Review AW14

Over the past three days at Fashion Scout, backstage access has granted us exclusive insight to the season’s up and coming hair trends. Hair is pivotal in the execution of a collection, not only in setting the bar for up and coming trends, but for communicating the aesthetic behind the designer’s work. Head hair stylist of Toni & Guy Richard Mannah has been the matrix behind the scenes at shows including Mimi Fasi, NapSugar and Yifang Wan. With each showcase offering fresh and exciting looks, a plethora of textures, colours and styles have been produced by Toni & Guy and seen on Fashion Scout’s catwalks.

Diversity has been celebrated by the stylists, “I’ve seen everything here over the past few days. There’s been flat wigs, pink hair and beehives, a whole variety of different eras and sources”.  With trends moving faster than the microsecond of a Google search and being redefined in 140 characters of a Tweet, trends are constantly shifting and reincarnating  old into new. “Nothing is set in stone,” explains Mannah. “It’s dependent on the designer’s collection. Everyone wants to be an individual and to do something different, so there hasn’t been a distinctive trend for AW”.

Styles have been imbued with the distinctive looks of the 60s and 70s. “Today at Mimi Fasi we are fusing the 60s with Morrocco to compliment her colourful designs,” Mannah explains. “Think Audrey Heburn and her signature French roll”. The 60s and 70s were also influential factors behind the Napsugar and Yifang Wan collections. Backstage at Wan, Mannah created bouffant looks evocative of the 70s mohawk which worked into a ‘horse’s mane’ pony tail to put a contemporary spin on the look. Rather than regurgitate past trends, Mannah ambitions to modernise the hair styles, “I want it to look slept-in, slightly destroyed and undone”.

By Lydia Smyth (@LydiaRoseSmyth)
Images by Sim D (@SimD_8), taken on the fashion forward LumixGM1, (@PanasonicUK).