NEWS| How To Get The Best Fashion Images With The LumixGM1

The team here have fallen head over heels with this quirky, multifunctional camera, especially our Street-Style photographer Aimee Hall. Seen running around Freemasons' Hall trying to capture the hottest looks of this season, we asked Aimee to give us her top tips on how to use the LumixGM1 to get the best Street-Style fashion images.
  1. Once you’ve found someone with truly unique Street-Style, use the high-speed autofocus to ensure you have everything captured in detail – a handy feature for snapping those fleeting glimpses of fashionistas during Fashion Week!
  2. Consider the lighting around you, especially when shooting outside. You probably won't really need to use the flash because with the LumixGM1 you get a high quality image in any lighting condition every time. This means barely any editing after a shoot - a fantastic feature in such a petite compact camera.
  3. When it comes to shooting inside a venue the pop up flash really comes into its own, enhancing colours and making the fabrics and textures of an outfit really pop.
  4. It is important you get the right angle and perspective when framing your image with the high resolution digital screen. As the LumixGM1 camera is compact, it's possible to hold it at any angle without difficulty. It's also really easy to adjust the zoom quickly if there's a certain part of the outfit which you want to focus in on.
  5. A really nifty feature on the LumixGM1 is the ability to use the Panasonic Image App to set the focus and control the zoom. This is perfect for those looking to document a great outfit who maybe don’t have a photographer on hand.
  6. Always double check your photos! Once you have your images, you can review them on the camera’s touch screen, which allows you to zoom in on every detail to ensure you’ve gotten the perfect picture.
  7. Lastly, share them if you can. The LumixGM1 has a Wi-Fi connection, meaning you can upload and get your pictures seen instantly to Twitter & Facebook.
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By Emily Black and Aimee Hall (@emilyy_black) and (@aimeehall_)
Images by Aimee Hall, taken on the fashion forward LumixGM1, (@PanasonicUK).