NEWS| Meet the Fashion Scout Blog Team Photographers

For the past few days, our bloggers have been busy capturing all the action both backstage and around the catwalk. From street style to front row, backstage to interviews, the LumixGM1 has been the perfect addition to our team this season. We chatted to this season's photographers to get their thoughts on the camera.

"It's lightweight and easy to use and it's really helpful to be able to view pictures you've just taken."
Aimee Hall, Street Style

"It's small, compact. quick and easy to set up. I love how it's light and easy to carry."
Hannah McGee, Photographer

"The touchscreen makes focus really simple."
 Jamike-Latif, Photographer

"I love the size, you can go anywhere and take it with you."
Oli Savage, Photographer

"It's very comfortable, I like using the manual mode to change the exposure and it makes a clean noise when taking pictures."
Oscar Scar, Photographer

“The LumixGM1 looks cool, it's much lighter and really easy to use.” 
Sim D, Photographer

Photos taken on the fashion forward LumixGM1 (@PanasonicUK)