A womenswear label based between London and Stockholm, Aether pride themselves on forward thinking, sustainable design. Founded by fashion designer Neliana Fuenmayor and graphic designer and fashion photographer Paula Maso, their differing skills complement the other in the creation of products that have a balance of both style and sustainability. 

When it comes to their designs, the skill become quickly apparent. With a manufacturing process kept as local as possible, high-quality, feminine and sophisticated pieces that steer away from trends and fads combine to create their first collection. Entitled Chapter One, distance is placed ever-further from seasonal dictation through prints and a bold colour palette. Describing themselves as a ‘transparent company’, information on the production process, suppliers and clothing's honest journey sets the scene perfectly for an honest and trustworthy, if not timelessly innovative brand.

By Josh Walker, Editor, (@josh_walker_).
Images courtesy of ÆTHER Studios.