Launched in 2010, brand Cathy Telle presents wedding and evening dress collections. Oozing ultra femininity, each of Telle’s designs are intricately detailed and embroidered to create elegant, romanticised collections. Telle dresses embody both softness and light, as volumised transparent fabrics fall and float with ease. 

Contrasting modesty with sexuality, the designer's pieces often feature open back and applique bodice detailing which alongside fluid skirts juxtapose to create faultless femininity in each individual design. Perfectly constructed in the finest of fabrics including thin silks, cotton and lace each garment is charmingly seductive and encompass a feeling of delicate tactility.

Telle dresses have become a firm favourite for fashion-forward brides in Russia, Germany and Switzerland and look set to inspire an even wider audience as she showcases her latest collection at Fashion Scout Kiev on Sunday 30th March.

By Charlotte Muscat, Contributor.