Bogdan Cass is the founder of Kass, an aspiring fashion brand designing for young, fashion-forward males and females.

Kass’ world sees sleek silhouettes meet deep colour palettes, voluminous jackets tempered with slim legs and low-cut vests. In SS14, tennis whites loosened up with sheer fabrics and navy panelling. Light and fresh are key descriptions of the Kass aesthetic, all items designed with ease of wear in mind. Emphasising the beauty of the human form, Kass’ athletic vision is a refreshing step away from heavily embellished and printed designs in an aesthetic where minimalism never looked so modern.

With ambitions to break into high fashion ever since childhood, Bogdan Cass is integral in the entire design process. His ritual involves taking a comfortable position and surrendering to his sartorial senses. From sketches to fabric selection, Cass works tirelessly to use fashion to bring society and different cultures together.  

By Isabella Silvers, Contributor, (@izzymks).