Krasilnikova was launched in 2009 by Irina Krasilnikova. After the hyper-romantic and elegant designs of previous seasons, SS14 came as a shock to many as Krasilnikova showcased tough laser-cut platform wedges, knit textures and faux-fur.

The designer's latest inspirations hark back to the romantic aesthetic she's become known for, full of sophistication, quaintness and refinement. Designing for a contemporary, self-assured urban woman who yearns for some sense of softness, Krasilnikova brings versatility to womenswear with her intelligent approach to femininity. She reinterprets rougher natural textures to accentuate the female figure.

Combining traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail, all of her designs are handmade in Ukraine with wool felting and knitting used alongside technical practices such as 3D printing and laser cutting. In these designs, an illusion of reality makes 2D seem 3D and vice versa, reflecting the natural human desire to alter the things around us.

With, Marie Claire US and picking up on her SS14 collection (pictured), as well as showcasing her AW14 collection on our catwalk at Freemasons Hall during fashion week, Krasilnikova is making her first steps into the international fashion scene. 

By Isabella Silvers, Contributor, (@izzymks).