NEWS| Apu Jan, Lulu Liu and Ong-Oaj Pairam Confirmed for Fashion Scout SS15

We're pleased to announce that designers Apu Jan, Lulu Liu and Ong-Oaj Pairam will be returning to Fashion Scout to showcase during our SS15 season.

Regulars to the catwalk at our Freemasons Hall venue, all three designers showcased their AW14 pieces last season:

"Setting the scene for Apu Jan’s ‘Turbulence’ AW14 show, a bass guitarist, violinist and DJ churned out live, dark, heady beats. Following on from last season, Apu Jan sought inspiration from nature once more, as well as the frantic hustle of modern society. Known for his bespoke knitting technique, Jan upped the stakes this season combining super-fine and extra chunky knits, creating both sleek and voluminous silhouettes." Lia Stokes

"Opening sounds of moody storms set the atmosphere for this eclectic show. Inspired by the last Empress of China, Cixi, Liu’s collection embodied the regal spirit of one of China’s most influential women. Strong, powerful, feminine and fashionable, Cixi personifies the woman Liu has in mind with her creations. Embracing the rich history of her homeland, Lulu incorporated the Chinese royal colours of gold, blue, green and red to her designs." Lia Stokes

"Ong-Oaj Pairam opened his Fashion Scout show with a blast of vibrant jewel tones and intricately detailed patterning that looked nothing short of sensational. His signature 1950s style is ever-present in his AW14 collection which combines printed dresses and tailored trouser suits with vibrantly coloured patent and leather bomber jackets." Charlotte Muscat

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By Lia Stokes and Charlotte Muscat