SS15 PREVIEW| Hema Kaul

Hema Kaul is a woman of many talents; taking on family businesses of hotels, construction, water development and everything in between, Hema couldn’t sideline her true love of fashion design. Her vintage inspired collections add modernity to traditionally feminine designs, exquisite fabrics influenced by her travels worldwide. Showing with Fashion Scout for her third season, we chat to the designer in an exclusive preview to find out more about her upcoming collection.

Fashion Scout: What were your key inspirations for SS15?

Hema Kaul: I would say retro, vintage fashion moments from past decades, with a tropical twist.

FS: The sketches you sent over have a very feminine look.

HK: Yes, they are very feminine. It’s my natural flair for understanding the female form that ensures this collection will be a future classic.

FS: In terms of the detailing on the sketches you sent over, can we expect digital prints or more couture embellishments and embroidery?

HK: A combination of both embroidery and digital prints.

Fashion Scout: Does your upcoming collection have a name?

HK: No, not yet...

FS: Do you design with particular occasions or specific women in mind?

HK: My clothes are designed keeping in mind the women who are confident to fulfil their given responsibilities, but never stop seizing opportunities to become better and pursue what they truly love.

FS: How do you begin the process of designing a brand new collection?

HK: It starts with a lot of research, sourcing and sampling.

FS: What are the main benefits of working with Fashion Scout for you?

HK: It gives my work an international platform.

FS: What or who are you looking forward to this season at Fashion Scout?

HK: This is my third season at Fashion Scout and every year it just gets better and becomes a whole new experience. I’m looking forward to seeing Little Shilpa’s presentation this year. 

By Isabella Silvers, Contributor, (@izzymks).
Images, courtesy of Hema Kaul.