BACKSTAGE| Le Photographe SS15

This evening at the backstage of La Photographe’s Vestibule presentation, Fashion Scout caught up with head of hair Scott Jordan and head of makeup Lan Nguyen Grealis to discuss the looks that are going to complement the designer’s presentation.

“It’s all about having that block graphic eye, and having different tones of white along the skin, so highlight the cheekbones, highlighter on the lips, all kept quite cold,” explains Lan, who created the look based around the hats designed by the La Photographe. Maintaining a futuristic element the key features of the face are highlighted.

Using products by The Body Shop, a white kohl pencil creates a feminine block look on the eyes, which is finished off by the shimmery white eyeshadow, Sugargaze, that also acts as a highlighter. The final look is minimalistic, layered and clean, with clear lines used to highlight the look beneath the hats.

Head of Hair Scott Jordan created a feminine, delicate look working around the hats, which he considers to be one of the key pieces to top off the designer’s look. “We are intertwining the hair to mould into the hats, so the hair becomes quite origami,” he explains. “All the clothes are quite powerful and strong with a very feminine look, and these hats just set it off.”

To create both the intricate looks around the hats and the more relaxed, straight down hairstyles, the team is using Label M. Volume Mist, Hair Spray and Hold & Gloss spray, which hold the sleek and groomed look in place.

By Biju Belinky (@bijubelinky)
Photographs by Elizabeth Hodson