Ahead of this afternoon's Lulu Liu catwalk, Fashion Scout caught up with Toni&Guy’s Chie Sato to talk about what inspired the styles that are going to be walking down the runway alongside Lulu’s creations.

The garments shown by the designer this year feature a number of contrasting lines creating a pleated effect with a lot of texture. The hair to accompany this look is no different. Small strands of hair were pulled up in the front of the style forming soft, cat-ear like arches separated by a large strand of flat hair. The rest of the style is composed by a ponytail tied with a criss-crossed piece of fabric, all of which creates an illusion of lines and maintains the theme proposed by the designer.

Whilst still keeping the style wearable and feminine, the stylist also highlights a play in the texture, using Label M. Hold & Gloss spray and Label M.Texturising Volume Spray to give the style its finishing touch. “The middle bit and the back are going to be very wet, the sides are going to be dry,” explains Chie. “So it’s a very different juxtaposition of the textures against each other, which reflects what the designer is using.”

When asked about Toni&Guy’s continuing support of emerging designers and their participation with Fashion Scout, Chie highlights the brand's deep connection with forward fashion. “London is very special for us. When you go to New York or Milan, it is composed by big designers that are already established and look the way they look," he says. “Whilst London is still avant-Garde, still free when creating the clothes, so we can work the same way with the hair. There is a lot of freedom and inspiration.”

By Biju Belinky, (@bijubelinky).
Photos by Tram Nguyen (@tramnguyenp).