BACKSTAGE| Vita Gottlieb SS15

Ahead of any show a heavy and busy atmosphere builds up backstage. Immune to this however are a team of dedicated hair stylists and makeup artists eager for tasks on hand. Designer Vita Gottlieb can be found amongst these artists today as they work together against patience and time adding the final touches before the show. As the team prepares for the catwalk, Gottlieb engages herself in fitting models-  shortening their hems, adjusting the shoulders and smoothing over the entire look.

The artists work fast demonstrating and discussing the looks. Models hair are being pulled sleekly from the sides and crowns are back brushed high into ponytails, whilst makeup artists opt for soft skin with textured highlighting, eyes however are harshly streaked with charcoal liner.

Next door, the walls are lined with a multiple running orders. Embossed copper heels trim the floor under the nose of the rails filled with Gottlieb's designs. From vast folds to intricate stitch work the collection promises a feminine feel for this SS15 season. 

Photographs by Celine Castillon