Sending down the runway models dressed in seismic shades of blue, designer Apu Jan showed modern knitwear juxtaposed with light, flowing fabrics. Oscillating between darker and brighter shades of blue, as well as heavy and light materials, the designer brought a twist to summery silhouettes without losing his identity of detailed cuts and intricate prints. 

The designer played with the weight of fabrics, as he mixed heavy knitwear with summery fabrics that swayed along with the movement of the models, and structured blazers and skirts layered with transparent fabrics. Garments featured knitted pixelated patterns and illustrations, showing scenes that crossed the boundaries between deep sea and in the summery skies in an almost impressionist manner. A few pieces in shades of blue, which did not feature the prints as their standout feature, showed heavy knitted braids detailing summery dresses, as well as the intricate prints featured in the accessories.

In terms of silhouette, Jan maintained a certain traditional approach, working with a balance between feminine, carefree dresses and structured coats and skirts, but gave these shapes a twist through the extreme attention to detail. Featuring an envelope technique in the coats and using layered, origami-like high up necklines, he gave a sophisticated, yet modern look to the traditional cut. Long, flowing summer dresses featured the designer’s signature slits, which allowed movement and gave the finishing touches to a standout collection. 

By Biju Belinky, (@bijubelinky).
Photographs by Celine Castillon.