COLLECTION| Graduate Showcase Part One

From the romantic inspired work of Graduate Fashion Week Gold Award winner Grace Weller to the ostrich feather detailing of James Kelly, the Fashion Scout Graduate Showcase is a display of the most innovative and standout graduate talent. Exhibiting from 11 - 6 in our Vestibule, we run through the first designers on show.

James Kelly

Inspired by the notion of a girl caught in a storm, James Kelly presents oversized mac style jackets heavy in ostrich feather detailing and mohair overlays displaying a sumptuously tactile  aesthetic. Drawing on inspiration from the photography of Mark Morrisroe, Kelly captures the effect of a snapshot caught in time of a girls jacket billowing in the wind. Dark khaki and navy tones perfectly complement the nature of Kellys' collection with oversized silhouettes adding an air of mystery and intrigue to his aesthetic.

Grace Weller

Gold Award Winner, Grace Weller offers up a collection rich in delicate embroidery in a striking colour palette of navy and red tones, Weller juxtaposes feminine detailing with Gothic undertones, taking inspiration from eighteenth century romantic artwork, she exquisitely captures and expresses emotion through embroidery in a collection which exudes ethereal beauty and conveys themes common to her inspiration, including the power of nature and raw human emotion.

Camilla Grimes

Contrasting neon tones with sequins and fur, Camilla Grimes showcases a collection rich in colour and texture. Inspired by the ultra colourful Hmong tribe of Laos, Grimes combined this influence with her own personal love of cats to create truly unique pieces. Embroidered cat faces form a repeat pattern across garments in Grimes' collection, with all over sequins, metallics and shocking pink fur featured throughout. Silhouettes have a sportswear twist which is mirrored in drawstring detailing and fleece like fabrics.

Holly Jane Smith

Holly Jane Smith presents a collection which explores social media and its parallels to cults and religion. Inspired by the social media craze, Smith investigates the feeling of missing out and the notion of social media as a means of connection, also looking into the different ways in which autistic people connect with the world, this is reflected in Smiths' aesthetic with plastic shielding representing the notion of senses being dampened. Colour and pattern feature heavily throughout Smiths' collection, with her colour palette of blue, yellow and white tones inspired by poster art and the 1970s film Holy Mountain. Constructed in cotton with plastic and leather detailing, Smith presents a vibrant reaction to social media throughout her collection.

Anita Hirlekar

Juxtaposing glamour with craft, Anita Hirlekar showcases a collection of evening wear dresses each hand embroidered and crafted in a selection of different yarns. Art colour combinations inspired Hirlekars' colour palette with deep red and navy tones taking centre stage, occasionally hightlighted with paler shades. Sleek, ultra feminine silhouettes contrast with the thick nature of Hirlekars' fabrics to create a sophisticated, tactile aesthetic.

Emma Hardstaff

Fabric manipulation creates the illusion of constructed and recognisable garments in Emma Hardstaffs' collection. Drawing upon the notion of the 'exploded' silhouette, Hardstaff presents an aesthetic rich in muted and metallic tones as high ruff necks and ruched waists are completed with mesh overlays. Hardstaff transforms flat patterns with elastic to produce billowing oversized pieces complete with contrasting elements of definition. Taking a fresh approach to shape and form, Hardstaff offers an innovative and exciting new collection.

Charlotte Muscat (@CharlotteLM9)
Photographs by Kathryn Younger and Florian Schadauer