COLLECTION| Kiev Showcase SS15

Celebrating their fourth Kiev showcase at Fashion Scout this season, designers Anna K, Anton Belinskiy, Yasya Minochkina, Lera Leshchova and Leonid Zherebtsov created their individual collections to reveal at this year's Mercedes- Benz Kiev Fashion Days show. Continuing a great tradition of maintaining a healthy relationship between Fashion Scout and Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days, this season they commit to pushing their brands forward.

First on the catwalk were the designs from Anna K. Only 18 as of this year she is one of the youngest designers to show at Fashion Scout yet inexplicably one of the most talented. We saw sign post motifs covering various a-line dresses, whilst jumpers dropped their waistlines injecting dramatic lines into her designs.

Anton Belinskiy, known for his clashing textures, brought an array of urban cut denim flares and soft latex shirts into view. Waists were nipped in and backs were tied together as excess straps were left free flowing, somewhat trimming the outfits. 

Leonid Zherebtsov produced heavy quilted jackets with embellished collars and pockets, hand painted jackets and faux fur coats. However all fabrics stayed natural and sustainable, a promising aesthetic from one of the newest designers to join Kiev Days.  

Lera Leshchova produced quality tailoring as lines were clean and cuts were graphic. Cut-out panels were connected by chain links whilst fabrics varied from tweed to latex designed to look like stained glass. Intricate detailing was key in this collection as contrasting fabrics juxtaposed heavily in trimming.

Yasya Minochkina, a Central Saint Martins alumni, epitomised femininity with her collection as netted material overlay flower prints, varying in pastel shades. Cuts were classic and silhouettes were streamlined as she took her signature minimalistic approach to this season's SS15 collection.

This year's collections were some of the most memorable of the Kiev Fashion Days shows. Designers opted for their designs to stand out in a modern and wearable fashion, suited to going straight from catwalk to counters.

Photos by Hugo Nogueira