COLLECTION| Little Shilpa SS15

"This stylistic collision equates to Disco Denimals."

Little Shilpa took over The Vestibule this evening to showcase her intricate headwear pieces and accompanying looks. Last season introduced us to a dark and luring aesthetic which, to our surprise, took a different direction this time around.

Guests are greeted to the static sounds that follow each model as the "collection marches to the tectonic beat of its own drum". Although dark in its element, its sound contrasts against the metallic hues.

The head pieces themselves are pleated, reflecting on the disco-tinged era of free spirits. As some sit as epaulets others obscure the faces of the models, allowing only the eyes to break through the vibrancy of the fabric.

The lose denim apparel which is also curated by Shilpa is cascaded by the head pieces as they absorb themselves into a second skin - protecting and enhancing the designer's primary focal work. 

Rectangular slabs are adjusted by neighbouring models, showing the audience the versatility of the look as a whole. "The freestyle shape-shifting nature of the garments corresponds to the revelry-loving festive spirit of the designer's moodboard."

By Joanna McCutcheon, (@joannamcc_).
Photographs by Florian Schadauer