COLLECTION| Vita Gottlieb SS15

Graduating from Central Saint Martins MA Fine Art in 2006, Vita Gottlieb focused on hand print and heavy layered texture. Sending the models down the runway with delicate sandy tones and coral peachy flowing dress, the designer infused her collection with a narrative taken from her curiosity with the underwater world.

Her signature is strengthened in this collection with intricate hand pleated panels and fluid silhouettes balanced with silk. Fabrics are employed to create a sensual dialogue between materials and the skin. The garments roam the body, alluding to flow movement under the surface with sheer layers over pewter and smoky deep blue. The designer played with dramatic texture on the pieces with layers and pleating but maintained the feminine side with leather glove and loose dresses. Juxtaposition and the fusion of opposites are integral to Vita Gottlieb’s design.

When it came to the colour plate, she used earthy tones and contrasted them with sheer dark navy and sharp orange. Featuring the details with clean-cut lines using layering, the reef print patterns pieces gave a sophisticated, yet modern look to the traditional cut.

Layered and flowing, summery movement was released through a soft yet eye-catching collection.

By Bowen Lee, (@bowenleely).
Photographs by Elizabeth Hodson