EXHIBITION| Cassandra Verity Green SS15

After the SS15 Ones to Watch showcase yesterday at Fashion Scout, Cassandra Verity Green talks to us about her new collection, as well as the inspiration behind her aesthetic.

How do you feel after the Ones to Watch showcase?

It’s excellent. Such an amazing opportunity! So many fashion experts and editors got invited to see the show. The Fashion Scout team was perfect - especially the stylist, hair and makeup. It was a real honour to work here. Since I graduated this is the first time I've been able to present my collection somewhere else.

What was your inspiration behind this collection?

The initial inspiration came from the film Barbarella with a 70s background. The character is very sassy and futuristic. I also looked at the 70s interiors with the overloaded texture and patterns besides. I like to fuse the collection with colour. So I keep the route of continuing my graduate collection and trying out the colour and texture with different patterns at the same time.

What fabrics did you use in the collection?

I studied knitwear design before. So the main element I worked throughout the collection were seamless as I am collaborating with a company in China called Santoni. Also with replicated fur, beads with embellishment. Because I used these fabrics and techniques for my graduate collection, I wanted to carry on the theme. You can find the fish bowl bag in this collection too. It was an extension to the last collection.

When it comes to a new season, how do you begin your creative process?

I'm inspired by a lot of films. My previous collection was based on a film from the 50s. I like watching film with an old contextual background. I also admired the shape and form from the 90s sportswear so I always include them in my collection. Personal memories and experiences are other factors that form my creations.

What is your personal signature?

Definitely texture, embellishment and the acrylic bag. They are the main elements that I would like to develop for next season. I like the idea of mixing hard acrylic with soft leather texture which makes the collection more feminine.

What is your plan for the future?

Possibly work on the next collection. Whether it’s going to be this season or the season after - I'm not quite sure yet. I am working with my sponsor for the long term, going to Shanghai in three months. I am developing a competition with them for new emerging designers. It is an exciting project to work on. I am leading the role where I promote it in the UK and give talks to students. It's interesting to work with other designers and invite the young talent to the industry.

By Bowen Lee, (@bowenleely).

Photographs by Kathryn Younger