EXHIBITION| Keiko Nishiyama SS15

One of our SS15 Ones to Watch, Keiko Nishiyama, is exhibiting her work as part of our Fashion Scout exhibition. We caught up with the designer to talk about her inspirations and the woman behind the brand.

Congratulations on being named one of our Ones to Watch! How do you feel about the show on the first day?

I was very excited. It was the first time I showcased my work at Fashion Scout. Since I graduated from the London College of Fashion, I got the opportunity to feature my AW13 collection at London Fashion Week last year. However this was my first time to show my collection at Fashion Scout without any tutors support and help.

What has inspired your SS15 collection?

This was inspired by the aquarium which related to my last collection: pictures and gardens. I combined it with hybrid flowers and people intrigued by beauty and fantasy. I also wanted to create the garment with odd and weird yet beautiful atmospheres. The details, colours and edges of the dress are all references to the ocean creatures.

What is your ideal customer?

I would say they are quite feminine. Elegant but with an interesting personality. To me they are not only beautiful also fun.

Why do you stay in London and not Japan?

It is a great country to work in - especially the fashion industry. I like to mix the Japanese culture with Western’s point of view. It was also a great place to work on my collection. The resources in here are so great - I can find references easily. London is the place with fashion museums and libraries. The places where I always feel inspired.

Are there any differences working in London over Japan?

There are many young talented designers in Japan. But in general, I prefer London. In Japan the designers just follow the same style whereas in London the designers are unique with their signature design.

What is your future plan?

I will be showcasing my work at Paris Fashion Scout’s showroom. After the show yesterday, I have many thoughts and ideas about the next collection. I would definitely want to come back to Fashion Scout again!

Bowen Lee, (@bowenleely).

Photos by Ian Davies, (@detjohnmclane).