FRONT ROW| Sara Maino at Ones to Watch

Italian Vogue’s Senior Editor Sara Maino works with some of the most talented designers in the world, but enjoys the interesting and challenging designs from younger talents from a wide range of backgrounds and traditions.

Fashion Scout: What do you think about Fashion Scout as a platform for young designers?

Sara Maino: When I am asked this question, I always answer in the same way; it’s very important that platforms like Fashion Scout exist to support new designers, as I do think that this is the beginning of the designers doing such fantastic work. It’s always very challenging and interesting to come and see so many different designers from different countries, traditions and mentalities.

FS: Do you think young designers get enough support?

SM: I do always think that we can do it much better, but I do think that, especially in London, they do really get a lot of support. It is interesting to see how it has changed in the past few years. I mean, in the beginning there were two or three important platforms through which talent was sustained, but now in the industry it’s kind of an interest to the new generation, so this is already a big success. I do think this must just go on, and we should be supportive in many ways.

FS: What shows are you seeing with Fashion Scout this season?

SM; I just saw Jamie Wei Huang before, which was really interesting. I also think the Ones To Watch are really challenging. I’m going to see the Portuguese designers this afternoon, and then unfortunately have to go home tomorrow so I won’t get a chance to see all of them! But it’s always nice to see the pictures afterwards.

FS: Have you been to the Exhibition?

SM: Yes I have, I do think that the graduate fashion designers, some of which I had already seen in London’s Graduate Fashion Week, I do think they’re very, very talented. A few are very interesting and ones to keep an eye on.

FS: It’s only a week into fashion month, but have you seen any key trends emerging?

SM: It’s a little too soon to say, but seeing what I saw here today, there’s a lot of colour, which is always positive, and it’s always interesting to see things going in the direction of easy wear, rather than fashion that is too complicated.

By Isabella Silvers, Contributor, (@izzymks).
Photo by Elizabeth Hodson.