INTERVIEW| Bernard Chandran

Can you tell us a bit more about 'Venus in the Daytime' and what inspired this season's collection?

I think we always think of a Goddess like she is draping, that she is very delicate, so my Goddess is more 'don't look at her like she is an innocent Goddess', but rather she will slaughter you. She's fierce. And in Hindu there is a Goddess of Prosperity, and Goddess of Protection, and there's Durga, who protects women. So I think because of Madam Gres, I made the draping in my collection more daytime, because most of the time you see Madame Gres using silk for the evening. It's much more couture, so I just wanted to change that and have fun.

Karen Binns styled the show. What atmosphere were you both trying to create?

We always wanted to create a young, fashionable vibe where the girl can remain true to herself and be confident. We also wanted to show to highlight the difference between day and night, how the wearer can feel different and how every season the woman changes. I change myself also, and it was about interpreting to the people mine and Karen's journey together.

Do you ever get nervous before a show? 

Well I'm growing much older so I've become more confident in the sense that every time I feel like this I say no. I have to enjoy the process, and the process is amazing. 

How important has Fashion Scout been for you in your in London career?

It's very good. It's opened the door to let me present my collection so it's great.

By Clarissa Waldron, (@thisisclarissa)
Photograph by Anai Bharucha