INTERVIEW| Freelance TWS and Naomi Gonzalez-Longstaff

Ahead of the Isabel Garcia show earlier today, Fashion Scout caught up with FreelanceTWS and Naomi Gonzalez-Longstaff to discuss the models’ nails that are going to complement the designer’s show.

Which inspirations did you use for the Isabel Garcia show?

The Isabel Garcia show used a specific colour nail - it was a custom design for her. The inspiration is soft, combined with rose and gold to create a flowing feminine sense. The nail colour that Isabel used custom from The Body Shop is named Quiet Rose Gold. It is a colour that consists with the base coat (Arms and Kiss). Then we used The Body Shop sugar cubes with four colours to create the rose gold effect. We fused the colour with little pigments and blended them together. By taking and crashing them over, it gave a fine pigment. It is almost dust like, so when we apply it and dot the nail, it's infused with a variety of colour.

How did colour come to life?

We are working directly with Isabel. It was fantastic! We spent time to discuss and it is amazing to collaborate our visions. I feel appreciated that we get to view the designer’s collection and to understand what the designer is trying to achieve - the feeling of the garments, colour, and texture. I can see Isabel has a sense of fun and young features on her collection so that’s how we found the collaboration and inspiration for this specific colour.

How does your team work through this?

Our team and I were tag-teaming on this. It is a two-man role. So one is applying the colour while the other is dabbing the pigment on the nails. Then we put the topcoat on the models’ nails.

How did you come to work in the nail industry?

I have a masters degree in design, so bringing the fine art and design experiences into my career it helps a lot. I worked internationally, within the United States, where I based in Miami and New York and I come to London and Paris where I travelled the globe constantly to do nails design.

How do you feel working at Fashion Scout?

This is the first time that my team and I work at Fashion Scout. It is a fantastic experience. Especially when we are able to create and collaborate with these wonderful up and coming designers. I feel such an honour to partner with them. The nail team and I are having a great time!

Nails by @lepetitnails

By Bowen Lee, (@bowenleely).
Photographs by Oliver Savage, (@OliSav).