INTERVIEW| Le Photographe

With Le Photographe's SS15 collection fresh off the catwalk, we caught up with founder Christian Beales to get his thoughts on showing at Fashion Scout and find out more about the inspirations behind his collection.

What has inspired your SS15 collection?

We were interested in a variety of things. We started looking at embroidery and surface design to see what we could do with them. We looked at manipulating fabric within the embroidery but also in developing the silhouette so I think that we were very free in how we approached it. Flowers were a simple idea that we took to almost knit this season's collection together. We wanted to keep it simple because we really wanted to explore a variety of things and see where our handwriting was going. This is essentially our first proper season so we just wanted to see how things happened naturally.

How did you decide upon a colour palette for your collection?

Very organic - you just throw it all up in the air to see what jumps out at you. We were very conscious of not using too much black so we decided that white was the real strong element here so that was the backbone of the palette. Then we wanted to have a soft colour and a strong colour so we've got the lemon and the fuchsia which was the interspersed with black so it was a four colour palette and then we added some other colours to enrich it.

How did you find the process of showing your work in the form of a presentation?

It is just a great learning curve. The tough thing about a presentation is actually presenting in a static way and I think that was something which I really grappled with at first but developing the mannequins as I did I think we've got somewhere with that.

What do you think of Fashion Scout as a platform for progression?

Phenomenal. You can't describe it. It has been a dream. I never thought that it would ever get to this level but Fashion Scout lifts you up to a point where you really think that you can go for it and so we thought this is an opportunity and we are going to go for it and so we have and it has been great.

By Charlotte Muscat, (@CharlotteLM9).
Photograph by Hugo Nogueira